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Work Experience Students/School Leavers - A Safe Start

It is a shocking fact that within the first six months of venturing into the workplace, 22 young people (16/17 year old) will be killed at work.  Similarly, in the same period of time 170,000 young people will be seriously injured, enough to warrant them never being able to work again or being left severely disabled (Government figures).


It is vitally important that we take steps to reduce this figure.  We owe it to these young people to give them A Safe Start.



  • Your students are the next workforce


  • You owe them a safe future. You can write as many Risk Assessments as you like but the sure and sound way to prevent them becoming another statistic is to give them the training they need.


  • We keep our prices as low as possible – we appreciate that school budgets are always very tight.


Contact us now to discuss your requirements. Let us demonstrate to you how we can provide this vital training for your students and for their future.



Forward Planning...



We are always happy to discuss your specific needs in relation to Health and Safety Training for your students. For instance, we have recently been commissioned to prepare a project for a school Enterprise Day. We will train the students for a short period of time and then ask them to go away and establish a safety culture for their company (the working group). At the end of the day the students will present their projects to our staff and the winning project will be awarded a prize by the school. This is a great motivator in Work Related Learning.

Please take a look at just a few of our satisfied schools.  We are very proud of the reputation we have worked hard to achieve so far and we will continue to work at improving this even more.

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